The Future of Green Technology

Stood on the four major pillars including energy, economy, environment and society, future of green technology is no more a buzz word. This technology is soon going to end up with fifteen more wonders ranging from Rotating Towers to the Seawater Greenhouses.

Some of the major wonders of green technology include:

  1. The Spinning Tower
  2. Seawater Greenhouse
  3. The Dice House
  4. The New Las Vegas CityCenter
  5. The Chicago Spire
  6. Frasers Broadway
  7. Green Transbay Transit Center
  8. A New Residential Plan Named Habitat 2020
  9. California Academy of Sciences
  10. Landscape House
  11. The Sabah Al-Ahmed International Finance

These technologies will help reduce fuel consumption from 20-40%. The most interesting American green technology product is New Hydrogen Generators. This device is especially designed to save petrol, gas and diesel and to bring improvements into the ecological system.

According to many environmental experts, this unique green technology will transform our current future into an "electric future." In other words, we can say that the living and working standards of this future technology will bring about numerous challenges as well as opportunities that can only be envisioned by a very few percentage of people in the current scenario.

Future products made from green technology would comprise of super computers, smart appliances, taller buildings, safer living and traveling standards. It would also include recycling and better packaging designs, magical architectural and environmental friendly construction designs. Furthermore, the focus of green technology is also on water preservation to make the world a green and safe place to live in.

A recent survey conducted by the United Nations Environmental Program indicates that the global green economy will raise itself to $ 3 trillion by the year 2020. Countries like America and China are concerned about global warming and pollution-related issues as indicated by recent statements made by leaders of both countries. They are beginning to take certain positive steps towards the energy sector through energy efficiency programs that are eco-friendly. This will not only protect the environment from hazardous effects of pollution and global warming but will promote energy efficiency and energy conservation in the process.

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