You must have heard the news by now. Google has recently come out with a mobile phone of their own – the Nexus 1. Flabbergasted as all techies were by this unexpected move by Google, we were all eager to test the features of the new gadget. If you want to know why this ex-iPhone lover switched from his old beloved to the Nexus One, read on.

I admit it. I used to love my iPhone. In fact, I was one of the first people in my circle of friends to buy an iPhone and everyone knew I was head-over-heels about it. So, what happened? Why did I switch to the Nexus One? Let's just say, I'm moving on to greener pastures. Wanna know why? Here are some features that the Nexus One has that trumped the iPhone:

1. Appearance

Though they look quite similar, the One is slimmer and lighter than my old favorite. Plus, its touch screen is gorgeous – wider and clearer than that of the iPhone.

2. Google Voice Keyboard

This is where I was blown away. The makers of Google Talk really did a great job with this feature. All text fields in the Nexus is Google Voice enabled – which means I simply talk into the microphone when I want to make calls or text. The accuracy is great – 90% correct each time! It saves me a lot of time and effort, especially when I'm on a tight schedule.

These are just two reasons why I made the switch from the iPhone to the Nexus One . Simply put, I fell in love with the Nexus One. It has a lot to offer. Get one, and it will win you over too.