1. Mac OS is very easy to use.

– The Mac OS (operating system) is very user friendly you don't even have to take my word for it just look around at the millions of very happy customers. The usability of Apple computers can't be matched by Microsoft. The simplicity is what really makes this a great buy.

2. Mac OS isn't as prone to viruses as PC's.

– I'm sure you've heard this a thousand times but I will stress it even further, Apple computers DO NOT get viruses. That much can't be said for Microsoft based computers who have to contend with millions of viruses. The absence of viruses makes having programs like Norton and McAfee just an option not a necessity like it is for Windows users.

3. Apple Computers are made from very durable materials.

– If you just hold a MacBook you can tell right away that it is made from quality material. In fact the case for Apple computers are made from high strength Aluminum. The case of a MacBook is also one piece, It's called the uni-body design and it looks outstanding.

4. MacBook's have extremely good battery life.

– The batteries in MacBook's paired with the right kind of internal components gives you all day use on one charge. The battery life to be exact on a 2009 MacBook Pro will last you 9 hours. There aren't many Windows laptops that even touch that mark and offer the same exact performance and price.

5. MacBook's are lightweight.

– One of the main pros to owning a Apple laptop is the portability you get due to the lightweight body of the laptops. A laptop is supposed to be a mobile computing device so it only makes sense for all laptops to be easy to carry around. The 2009 MacBook Pro 13-inch laptop weights only 4.5 pounds and is 0.95-inches thick. The 2009 MacBook Pro 15-inch is also very lightweight weighing 5.5 pounds and is still only 0.95-inches thick. The largest MacBook Pro is the 17-inch and even it isn't all that heavy, weighing in at 6.6 pounds and only 0.98-inches thick.

6. MacBook's let you do a lot of things like music, video and picture editing with ease.

– The processing power options on MacBook's paired with the Apple software allow for you to do many multi-media activities with your laptop. MacBook's use some of the best Intel processors as well.

7. Mac OS let's you run windows on a MacBook if you have to use any programs for class that require Windows.

– For some classes in College if your majoring in something like engineering you might need to use a program that was made only for Windows. This is no problem with the the boot camp feature which allows you to run Windows on your Apple laptop.