The Apple iMac MB419LL / A and the HP TouchSmart IQ846 are currently two of the most popular all-in-one desktops in the market. The HP TouchSmart IQ846 has a 25.5-inch screen while the apple model has a 24-inch screen. Here is a closer comparison between these two desktop models.

Price: The price of these two desktops will be looked at against their specs. The Apple iMac MB419LL / A currently retails for around $ 1729, while the HP TouchSmart IQ846 sells for around $ 1492 each. The Apple desktop has a blazing 2.93Ghz processor. The HP laptop on the other has touch screen features, a Blu-ray drive and a slightly larger 750GB hard drive. Considering their price to specs ratio, I would say that both desktops give equally good value for your money. Winner: Draw

Features: This is where the action begins as both desktop models are designed for very different market niches. The 24-inch Apple iMac MB419LL / A is designed to function like a regular desktop white the 25.5-inch HP TouchSmart IQ846 aims to be a multipurpose entertainment or work PC. The Apple desktop comes with the standard array of features like a DVD drive, a wide variety of ports, a keyboard and a mouse. The HP desktop on the other hand has a Blu-ray drive, a touch screen, a full remote for multimedia controls, a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard, and a full HD screen (1920 x 1200 resolution). The Apple model didn't stand a chance in this category. Winner: HP TouchSmart IQ846.

Performance: The speed of a 2.93Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor is pretty hard to beat. In terms of speed in multitasking and running heavy applications, the 2Ghz HP desktop just doesn't stand a chance. Even if the HP desktop has a 2.93Ghz processor, the Mac OS on Apple computers enables Apple computers to run faster than Windows based PCs of the same specs. If you need a blazing fast and straightforward all-in-one desktop, the Apple desktop is the way to go. Winner: Apple iMac MB419LL / A.