There are several types of mobile phones that are launched these days. There are many cellular phones, which are launched by different manufacturers of mobile phones such as Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Nokia. But there is only a single fascinating phone, which is admired by the people all over the world due to its cool features and amazing graphics. The mobile phone launched by Apple and is known by the name iPhone.

Just before the one year completion from the launch of iPhone in the market, 3G iPhone has been launched into the market. The launch has attracted the attention of many consumers due to introduction of 3G Version in the mobile phones. Apple 3g phones have become the center of attention due to it new version technologies specially the Wi-Fi.

The new facilities available in 3G apple I phone are as follows:

o 3G facility
o Design
o Mobile Me

The new version of Apple iPhone 3g is very slim as compared to the previous iPhones. The new phone are available in two sizeable internal memories. There are two varieties of Apple 3G I- phones, one which is available with 8GB with black plastic skin and other one is 16 GB with black or white phone skin.

The new Apple 3g iPhones are recommended to the consumers due to its high-speed Internet connectivity throughout the world. Apple 3g I phones is well supported by 3g bands, which proves to be effective in finding locations anywhere with the assistance of cellular towers or Wi-Fi.

Apple iPhones 3g help in downloading ringtones, news, games and all other necessary applications available at quick pace. There are many new features available in Apple 3g I-phones such as Multi touch facility, accelerometer and GPS. Battery life of new 3G apple I phones lasts for 12 hours for standby time.