Those who are just getting started on developing iPhone apps do wonder if they can do so on a Windows-based computer. The answer is that it can be done using other computer programs apart from those found on Macs. These include general iPad and iPhone application creators, game engines and javascript / html solutions that can be used for hybrid application development.

There are a number of development option on computers that are not Macs. One is Flash CS5.5 which has proved to work very well with the Flash iPhone Packager. The iOS packager enables one to create applications on Windows. It is also possible to create flash iOS apps in other environments other than Adobe one. This can be done using the Flex compiler and the application that has been created can be package on an iPhone if one follows the same guidelines as for creating it.

Airplay SDK is the other Windows-based option for creating applications. It can be used to create games and to sign them up on a PC. It is an ideal solution for 2D as well as 3D apps and games as there is a free offer available to independent developers. This and Flash CS5.5 can be used to in the compilation of codes that are native to iPhones directly from a Windows PC. The majority of applications that can be found in the app store have been created with these two options.

Game developers can work on their Windows-based computer using Unity 3D. It is a game development engine with an in-built editor that is powered by two drivers known as C # and Boo. The editor on this app developing tool as well as the editing function is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

There is also Stonetrip S3D which is an engine for developing games. It also comes with an in-built editor that uses LUA and both can be used with Windows. It is important to the two game developing engines make it possible to develop applications without a Mac, a Mac must be used to test it.

There is also Appcelerator Titanium which is very widely used. It however does not have a limitation of apps that are limited because while it is possible to compile them as native apps and to send them into the applications store, they are based on javascript or html. This is also the case with Geuitec MobiOne which is fitted as a designer that appears on the interface. It uses the Phonegap framework to facilitate native functionality. It can only run on Windows-run computers and is HTML and Javascript based as well.

Developing iPhone apps is all about creativity, both in the application that is created and how it is created. Not having a Mac is not an excuse for getting your idea out there, working and earning you some good money.