Many people who joined the long waiting list for the new Apple iPhone 4 will now have received their handset. And the overall response to the latest generation of iPhone has been incredible, with customers not only liking the new design, but appreciating the tweaks that have been made to produce a very satisfying user experience.

Anybody who owns one of the first three additions of the iPhone will immediately notice some differences in this new model. Since the original iPhone was released, every update has been internal, with no major changes ever been made to the look of the phone. This new release of the iPhone 4 is different, as a huge overhaul of the design has been undertaken. The new chassis is very thin, at its deepest point measuring a very small 9.3mm. This is thanks in part to Apple fitting a very smart looking stainless stell band around the phone, not only winning points in the style stakes, but effectively working as the phones antenna too. The famous curved back panel is also missing on this new addition, in its place a sleeker and more attractive glass panel. The same glass is also used in the construction of the front of the phone. You would be forgiven for thinking that glass and mobile phones is not the best combination, however this is no ordinary glass. Due to a chemical treatment used in its production, this new glass is incredibly resistant to scratches, great for a mobile phone. Its durability is thanks to it now being 30 times stronger than plastic. This will please many phone users, myself included, used to phones picking up marks from pockets and bags.

If you really want to impress your friends with the new iPhone 4, then the best way to do this is by playing back some High Definition video. In landscape mode, superb quality widescreen pictures are displayed. Thanks to the screens great resolution, along with the IPS technologies it incorporates, colors are life like and darker tones have a depth never before seen on such a product. You can also display your own footage on the screen thanks to the ability to record high definition footage too. They days of having a separate recorder, camera and phone must almost be over if the result from this phone are anything to go by. The camera also impresses, despite a fairly average 5 mega pixel resolution. Thanks to improved sensor technology, images now produce more colors, with the result being very high standard photographs.

The new iPhone 4 was always going to be popular due to it carrying the Apple name, however it has provided itself worthy of all the praise with features so far unrivaled on other handsets, and a look that will also win many admirers.