In order to make artificial intelligent androids more humanlike so they can work alongside their human companions as assistants in business, military and other endeavors we will need to create a background profile or biography if you will. Each one of us comes with a history and experience of our previous occupations, childhood, hobbies and all those aspects of observation, which have made us who we are.

Be created artificial intelligent androids will come into existence without history, without a background or biography. Just like each cage patch doll came with a background in the name, each artificial intelligent android must also come with a created background; one which is plausible, understood and convincing. This will better help the humans acclimate themselves to working along these robotic partners.

Currently DARPA has a contract out to Carnegie University to develop a robotic assistant, which will be able to walk a human through operations and explain the manual to the human as they work. Such an artificial intelligence machine or later a robotic android will be a supreme value. Consider space explorers, who must conserve their food and recycle their water in a completely enclosed system; instead of having four explorers, it would be much better to have two humans and two robots or artificially intelligent androids to work along the humans incomplete tasks, do experiments and divide the workload that must be done to fulfill a mission.

For humans to accept their android robotic partners these partners must be as close to life is possible; that means with personalities, areas of expertise and indeed a background, a biography and all those things must match their resume. Consider all this in 2006.