Apple first introduced the iPhone in 2007 and it has since changed the world of the mobile handset. The latest and most revolutionary iPhone to date has earned serious ground since then with regards to performance levels: Today iPhone is not only the most advanced it is also the most popular. The iPhone Operating System is a world leader and because of this an experienced iPhone Software Development Team can create incredible and innovative apps for businesses.

It stands to reason, if the iPhone is the most popular SmartPhone in the world it also offers up notable marketing opportunities for businesses. With the right iPhone Development Team with the right expertise it is possible for businesses to create innovative, quality applications. It is possible to create an application that is compatible / optimized for the iPhone: It is also possible to create an entirely 'native' application for the iPhone. However, before making up your mind which path is the best to take for your creative idea it is important to understand the difference.

From a technical point of view – iPhone Applications are only created using Cocoa. Other web applications can be created using a combination of HTML, JS and CSS which is known by far more Mobile Applications Developers overall: Here native iPhone Applications can be more expensive to create because they require more specialist knowledge.

From a marketing and strategic point of view – Regular Mobile Apps can be deployed as soon as they are completed. All iPhone Applications must first be approved by Apple and downloaded via their store: To which commission is payable if sold. Refusal can be cost and the wait can be long: Although this is not 'usual' generally speaking.

From a Users point of view – Despite the rumor! There Are definitely still places where the internet is not accessible: Either not available or not allowed … Many iPhone Users use their handset as much as a source of entertainment as information. Native iPhone Applications therefore are able to provide what is effectively a captive audience.

Each To Its Own End

The benefits of native iPhone Software Development and regular Mobile Applications are different but it would be hard to say any particular aspect outweighs another as a 'rule of thumb'. It all depends upon suitability – which in turn must be determined in relation to the each and every individual creative idea.