First of all Fujitsu Tablet PCs are actual personal computers. They are not gimmicky toys or simple internet access devices. They run Windows 7 Pro, not a cut down version or a slapdash tablet only operating system. Buying a Fujitsu is jumping in the deep end, and the deep end feels good.

Windows 7 means that you do not have to deal with apps or workarounds. Any program that works on your desktop will work on your tablet. Not only does this mean that you do not need to learn new programs, but all of your files are compatible as well. Your documents move back and forth effortlessly between all of your digital platforms.

You can choose from two styles as well. The slate is a traditional screen-in-a-box, but the convertible option gives all the functionality of a tablet with the convenience of a full keyboard and Blu-Ray disc player. The convertibles also feature larger screens and a wider range of ports and possible peripherals. Everything is touch screen with or without a stylus.

The convertibles also have much heavier performance specs and storage space to compete with your average laptop. For the true power user this will bring to bear the most usability in a package that's much more convenient to use than a laptop. Of course they are a good deal bulkier than the slates, so carrying them in a purse or small bag is not an option, but if you need the performance you can easily afford to carry a big enough bag.

So many options out there are glorified cell phones without the phone functionality, or have features that the average SmartPhone could handle anyway. These are for getting business done. If you are looking for something to watch movies on and browse the web then you are probably getting more machine than you really need. If you are always working and can not afford to be behind your desk all of the time, than this is for you.

Their machines have some of the heaviest technical specifications in the field and storage space that can not be beaten. With full size SD slots the storage space can be greatly expanded and the processors are solidly in the upper end of the spectrum. They're gone the single core route, which carries a set of advantages and disadvantages that you'll have to weigh out for yourself.

All the options carry full speed wi-fi connectivity. They will not connect to a cell phone network, but almost everywhere you might need to pull this thing out will have wi-fi anyway. The Windows platform also means seamless integration with your home or office network. Bluetooth is also supported, so you can use your headset during all those video conferencing calls. Yes, there's a webcam as well.

Fujitsu brings the full PC experience onto the tablet format, and they do it with solid performance and a growing up set of ports, programs and connectivity options. All of this means that they're on the high end of the price range, but if you can use all that extra power and you're looking for a business device it's well worth it.