There are a lot of components you have to know about when it comes to computers, all of them being just as important and just as sophisticated. Therefore, here are a few things on some of them to help you understand how this mechanism works.

First of all, here are the main features of monitors. You have the size of the screen by which you understand the diagonal of the screen. This is measured in inches, the most commonly encountered monitors being the ones fifteen inches wide and the ones seventeen inches wide. The resolution is another characteristic which defines the display precision of the monitor. This is to be measured as a product of the number of displayable elements on the horizontal and on the vertical lines of the monitor. A resolution characteristic to the monitors which are fourteen inches wide is 768 x 1024. A fifteen inches wide monitor is characterized by a 1024 x 1200 resolution. There are two ways in which monitors work. You can have a first movement which refreshes the odd lines and a second one which refreshes the even one. On the other hand, you can also have the entire monitor refreshed in one movement only. When it comes to the level of radiation emitted, this is usually low.

Also, let's look at the printer, the speed of which is measured in pages per minute. When it comes to the display device related to data processing, you can have impact printers, ink jet ones, laser ones or thermal ones. In fact, there are a lot more things you can learn about a printer, every component having its particularities and its own way of connecting to the computer.