Apple IOS is at present the most fluent mobile operating system, however, many iPhone users feel noticeably that their iPhones are getting stuck after using a period of time. This is due to the memory space on system IOS is occupied by a lot of caches and applications. In this article, I will provide readers with five solutions to the problem of low memory on their iPhones. Due to the fact that many iPhone memory management apps are not free, even if you find the free ones, most of them would be unstable, the five ways of cleaning iPhone's memory I recommend do not rely on any third party memory management apps.

Method 1 : Double-press your iPhone's Home button, then manually shut down the unnecessary IOS processes and clean the caches remaining in the IOS to discharge your iPhone's memory space.

Method 2 : Delete the apps such as iMovie, GarageBand, etc. that you rarely use but occupied the most space. To do this, open your iPhone, then tap Settings -> General -> Use to open the Usage screen on which you can see a list including all your installed apps on your iPhone, just select the large apps that you rarely use and delete them . One thing you should know that these rarely-used apps can be easily installed, so there is no reason to let them exist on your iPhone to take up the space.

Method 3 : Reboot your iPhone. The devices based on the system IOS will clear out all the caches once they are rebooted. This saves your manual cleaning operations.

Method 4 : If possible, update the IOS system to the latest version. In the process of updating IOS system, many bugs that due to low memory space on iPhone will be fixed automatically, however, the new functions of the updated system will add overhead to the IOS and the new version of the system may also have bugs, so before updating, you'd better to do the SHSH backup.

Method 5 : Re-synchronize your music, movies & TV-shows, photos, games and apps from iTunes to your iPhone. This is because if the previous synchronization between your iPhone and the iTunes program does not complete thoroughly, there will be some produced junk files leaving on your iPhone's IOS system. The re-synchronization can clear these junk files to discharge more memory space.

Note, with the IOS system updates gradually, the load on iPhone device will become higher and higher, the low memory issue on iPhone device will also jump out gradually. Unlike the Android system, the IOS devices' memory space can not be expanded through the SD card, so it is necessary to free up your iPhone's memory space at regular intervals.