Before this fall's avalanche of ultrabook releases, there was another super slim, portable and powerful laptop, which can actually be considered the first ever Apple MacBook Air successor.

The Samsung Series 9 is available for a long time now in two versions, an 11-incher and a 13-incher, and, please the Asus UX 21 and 31's success, should keep its popularity for quite some time. In the following Samsung Series 9 review we will take a quick look at the specs of this amazing device, trying to determine its most important strong and weak points.

Exterior and design

The Series 9, also known as the Samsung NP900, is made mostly out of duraluminum, a very strong and reliable metal. The overall design, while pretty straightforward and basic, makes the ultrabook look elegant and chic. We also appreciate the fact that, unlike some of the other ultrabooks on the market, the Series 9 does not look very much like the MacBook Air.

As far as dimensions and weight goes, the Series 9 goes for 2.3 pounds (the 11-inch model) and 2.9 pounds (the 13-incher) and measures in both cases around 0.6 inches in depth. That is pretty much on-par with the MacBook Air, as well as all the other ultrabooks available at the moment.

Screen, hardware and performance

The 11-inch Samsung mini laptop sports an LED-backlit widescreen display with 1366 x 768 pixels resolution, while the 13-inch model comes with a similar, larger screen with the same resolution. In both cases you should expect nice and crisp colors and it is also worth mentioning that both displays are matte and should be very capable no matter what the lighting conditions.

As for the hardware, the Series 9 is actually available in several different models, with slight tweaks in terms of tech specs. The best Samsung ultrabook comes with a very snappy 1.5 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, as well as 6 GB of RAM, an Intel HD graphics card and a 256 GB solid state drive.

Battery life and pricing

In terms of battery, the Series 9 can stand a comparison with all other ultrabooks released lightly and is able to run for over five hours between charges.

As for the Samsung's ultrabook price, this varies from model to model. The 11-incher is available for between 999 and 1,184.99 dollars, while the 13-incher starts at $ 1,199 and can go to up to 1,999 bucks, depending on the exact hardware configuration. Pretty pricey, you might think, but on-par with this laptop's features and capabilities.


While it could already be considered '' old '', being available for several months now, the Samsung Series 9 ultrabook is elegant, strong, reliable and has plenty of power under its hood. And even though it is expensive and does not have the guarantee of the Apple name, it can go all the way in a confrontation with the MacBook Air or any other super slim and portable laptop right now.