Apple MacBook Pro 15 must be the best notebook in the world. It has a suite of excellent applications. Its fantastic additions include trackpad shortcuts and magnetic power connectors. With the LED-Backlit screen, large multi-touch trackpad with no other buttons AppleBook Pro 15 is the finest notebook around.

With industry leading Core i5 and Core i7 Processors, cutting edge graphics technology and elongated battery life, Apple comes yet another step closer to consumer dream. Both the Nvidia GeForce 9400M and the GeForce 9600M GT graphics processors are coupled in this model which allow for automatic graphics switching between them on demand. The Apple Mac Pro 15 Supports dual display and video mirroring up to 2560 by 1600 pixels on extended display.

The construction of this notebook is sturdy / rigid and the single piece of aluminum sheet chassis simplifies the design of this laptop. The choice of aluminum for the MacBook body is excellent in that aluminum properties offer a number of advantages including compact design and better heat conductivity. The latter ensures that the heat generated by the notebook is distributed uniformly across the body thereby assisting in cooling of the notebook. This is appreciated when operating windows. The design does not change though and alterations in external features quite limited.

Compared with other 15.4 "notebooks, Apple MacBook Pro 15 is lighter weighing just below 2.5kg.

According to Apple, the new Apple MacBook Pro 15's color gamut is more than 60% compared with the previous edition, meaning, the generation notebook can display more colors than before. Beside, the better viewing angles of the new generation notebook are typically particularly the horizontal views.

Like the 13 "MacBook Pro, the backlit 15" notebook keyboard is very soft and but quitter when typing on it. However, if you are using the larger ENTER and RETURN keys then you will have to adjust to the drawer ones on this notebook. The keyboard is backlit when light dims giving the user easy time typing. Apple must have reasoned that there are users out there like me who work under somewhat stressful light conditions and their work need not be sabotaged by dim light.

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