The Issue of ISK

Eve Online is perhaps the most community oriented MMO currently available anywhere. With almost no NPC interaction in the marketplace, players rely on their own business instincts to keep themselves financially viable.

There are, of course, multiple ways of making ISK. Mining, mission running, exploration … all of these are popular choices. Unfortunately, they are also very time consuming. You, as a player, know that you can spend hours online doing just these things and come out only slightly ahead of where you were.

So how to get ahead? Especially when real life catches up and you can not spend as much time online?

Well, you could buy the ISK. Of course, this is illegal and if that's not enough, it can also get your account in the red (EvE will confiscate the ill-obtained wares if you are discovered). At worst, it will get you banned from the game entirely unexpectedly.

You could buy and sell EvE Time Cards in game, a feature implemented by CCP as a sort of cash shop based on their forums. This, however, costs you real money on a monthly basis over and above your subscription fee. You are also relying on the in game marketplace; people will only pay based on the demand. This income is only as sustainable as you wallet is.

So what then? Getting started can be done in many ways, but once you've done that, what then? Well, there is one guide that intends to show you just that.

Eve Billionaire

Designed with the casual gamer in mind, and authored by one of the richest and most respected members of the Eve community, the Eve Billionaire guide takes you into the midst of the guidance of it's bright members.

The intent of the guide is to provide you with a legal alternative to bottling, spamming, selling and buying ISK in game, or out of it. 30 minutes to 1 hour a day, and this book states it will make you rich.

Most focusing on 'Niche' markets, Eve Billionaire shows you the Eve economy from an experienced entrepreneurs perspective. You will learn to exploit these most empty markets, maximizing your profits by relying on gaps otherwise left mostly untouched.

By following the instructions provided, you can eliminate the daily grind and the need to spend hours a day doing the 'Eve thing'. Get set up, identify the target, and go do whatever you wish. Leave the playing for when you have time, and let the ISK take care of itself. While the tips provided are not as simple as the author claims, they are certainly learnable and, when mastered, could potentially be a lot of help in getting that new ship or implant, and fund your PVP addiction.

Whether you're a new, old, or on-the-fence Eve newbie, this guide may help pave the way to a more enjoyable experience.