Stylish, compact, silent, fast and powerful. These are the 5 attributes that I would love to see on any desktop and the new Apple iMac MC413LL / A is all that and more! This desktop is one of the latest iMac models from Apple and it sports a variety of upgrades and improvements, whether it is terms of specs or design.

For a speedy and powerful performance, the new Apple iMac MC413LL / A has a 3.06Ghz processor, a 1TB hard drive (that's 1024GB!) And 4GB of RAM (that can be upgraded up to a whopping 16GB). These three specs alone makes this desktop capable of running even the 'heaviest' of any consumer or professional applications and software.

There is more! The iMac MC413LL / A also comes with very impressive multimedia features. For one, there is the beautiful full-HD display. The screen is a 21.5-inch LED back-lit display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. Coupled with the set of powerful 17-watt stereo speakers and the 8X DVD drive, this desktop model can serve as a very competent standalone entertainment system. Some of its other features include a memory card reader, Bluetooth, a FireWire port and much more! The new Apple iMac MC413LL / A now ships with a wireless keyboard and the new wireless Magic Mouse. Apple's new Magic Mouse is touted as the world's first multi-touch mouse. Considering the impressive set of features, the Apple iMac MC413LL / A is very well priced. At the time of writing, this desktop retails for around $ 1489 per unit. If you are looking for a powerful designer desktop model and have some extra cash to share, this desktop model would make the ultimate buy!