Specifications: The Apple Macbook Pro MB990LL / A is a 13 "laptop that is powered by a 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The 13-inch display is a glossy screen that displays videos and images at a 1280 x 800 resolution.

At the time of writing, the Apple MacBook Pro MB990LL / A costs around $ 1170 each. If you just love the uni-body aluminum casing, the multitask gestures, the overall design, and the Mac OS, then these may be good enough reasons for you to get one of these. But if you an impartial buyer and you are in the market for a practical laptop, be aware that you can get much more for that price tag.

For the same price, the Sony VAIO VGN-SR220J / B comes with a 2GHZ processor, 4GM of RAM and a 250GB hard drive. If you wish to really stretch your dollar, for just $ 750, you can get the HP Pavilion DV3-1075US laptop that has a 2.1GHZ processor, 4GB of RAM and 320 GB in storage. Apple has never fared really well when it comes to the price-to-specs ratio.

The Apple MacBook Pro MB990LL / A has a very glossy screen surface. The glossy surface may provide a great viewing experience under optimum lighting conditions but under regular lighting conditions, it just reflects too much light. The battery on this Apple notebook is not removable and although it has a full-sized keyboard, it does not come with a number pad.

Overall: Apple computers and laptops are in truth, in my opinion, novel devices. I personally think that it is overpriced and does not give you good value for the money that you pay (unless you consider the design and aesthetics good value). After all, Apple computers do fare better in certain computing demands. Thanks to the structure of the Mac OS, the multitasking performance on Apple laptops is much better than regular laptops. All in all, unless you have a really good reason for getting an Apple notebook, you should stick to regular laptops to get the most out of your money.