If you have not heard of Android tablets then you've missed out so far on the must-have gadget of present times! They are flat, portable PCs which house everything under just one big touchscreen, since being named tablets. They are really blowing up in the gadget market and so expect to see a huge fight between the two tablet titans Android and Apple.

Android reflect to Android OS, the operating system from Google. This is one option available for these devices, but what an option! Google has made great efforts to engineer this operating system to be as easy to use and intuitive as possible. This means that it is very easy to make the transition from computer to tablet PC as Android works in a very similar way to Windows, for instance, that everyone is used to.

Apple are also in the market with their trail-blazing iPad. This was the first tablet to really capture the public's imagination and they have sold to date around an amazing 15 Million of them!
Apple has a huge following of adoring fanboys and girls that simply love its products. This is something that Android will need to work hard on in order to gain the same fanatical following, but in fact Apple prides itself on making very cool and easy-to-use devices.

However the mighty iPad is quite old now in gadget terms and has some big drawbacks that Android tablet users might snigger at, the most obvious being:

Lack of USB port – How can you transfer data to your iPad?

Flash incompatible – Buy this and you can not access Flash games or websites' Flash content.

No camera – Who buys any kind of PC these days without an integrated camera?

Limited storage – OK, you can buy a 64GB iPad which is a reasonably large storage capacity, but there is no way to add extra memory, not even portable memory.

Some or all of these features may be available on the iPad 2, but Android users are already enjoying all of these privileges without the cost or the long wait for a new Apple replacement.
This may explain why, according to comscore.com, Google's Android finally edged ahead of Apple in terms of users at the close of 2010. This is probably due to its appeal to a much wider market.

It is impossible to state which devices are better than Android or Apple as this is a personal choice. However it seems sensible to say that with far more choice of hardware Android caters for a larger larger audience, as you can choose tablets with different size screens, processors, memory sizes and other features such as USB ports and cameras, whereas Apple simply offer the one device in response, the iPad.

If you're ready to join the winning team and jump on board the Android bandwagon then you'd better check online for the best prices and most choice. If you bear in mind the iPad's limitations, then you will not go far wrong in choosing the best Android tablet and at a fraction of the Apple device's cost!