A lot of users of Adobe Flash Player fail to update the player. Even if some have uninstall it completely and reinstall, but still can not successfully get it up to date. This article will explain to you how to fix the errors and problems.

Fix The Problem of Adobe Flash Player KB923789 Security Update Failure

Adobe Flash Player KB923789 Security Update can not install with old versions. If you have installed version 8.0.22 and other earlier versions and you updated to Version 8.0.24, 9.0, 1.0 or later, you need to delete the old OCX files completely. Or it will lead to not being able to update the latest versions.

To fix the error, you only need to follow the steps below:

Open the folder C: / Windows / system32 / Macromed / flash, check out all the versions of OCX files. Then directly delete the old versions of the OCX files. After that, if you find the Security Update Patch KB923789 is gone. Then you can install the player again. This is only one of ways to solve the update problems.

Simpler Ways To Update And Install Adobe Flash Player

I discovered a simple way to handle it. You can go to the Adobe official website and find the Adobe Flash Player download and install page. The page has add-ons which will help you handle all the errors.So you can directly install the latest version by using the page.

But this entails the ActiveX of your browser is intact. If your browser is damaged, you will not be able to update it by this way. You need to fix your browser first.