Well, it is known that there are many farming spots throughout the vast world of WoW. So the question lies, where is the best place to farm? The answer is… It really depends! There are many great farming spots throughout the area. However, there are also many poor or overly populated spots. Most of the known farming spots are greatly populated for obvious reason, everyone goes there to farm.

Now getting into the best place to farm gold, well that is where other people aren’t farming. The problem is that there are a lot of farming spots that people don’t know about it. Fact of the matter is that the best farming spots are the ones that people don’t know about. I understand that there are also a lot of empty farming spots because they are just below average for farming gold. Well these aren’t the spots I am exactly talking about now. There are many spots that can earn you 200+ gold per hour and it is so amazing how the average wow player wouldn’t guess of these spots.

How can you find these spots to farm? Well, that can be a very difficult task. However, a great source to find perfect farming spots would be in a gold making guide. With the right gold making guide, it would list the best place to farm gold, as well as other strategies. Some of these other strategies would include earning huge profit with the auction house, how to fish and mine effectively and other great gold making tips.

It is recommended that you got your hands on a good gold making guide so you can learn where exactly to farm your gold as well as other techniques to earn yourself up to 400 gold per hour. The bottom line is that if you would to farm effectively then you NEED to find the spots that other people don’t know about, point blank.