As you may be aware, the iPhone 4S is the latest and most popular addition to Apple's iconic smartphone range. Its popularity has driven all major UK networks to offer it on a wide range of tariffs, so the impressive handset is available to all, with options to suit all needs and budgets. In this article I will look at some of the options available to help you find your ideal tariff.

If you plan on making full use of the handset's renovated web browsing capabilities, then T-Mobile should be your first port of call. This network is one of the few left in the UK who offer an unlimited data allowance on selected deals. The T-Mobile Unlimited plan includes not only restriction free internet browsing via the network's 3G coverage, but also unlimited calls and text messages to any UK network at any time. As an added bonus, this tariff even includes a free iPhone 4S handset, making it arguably the most appealing deal available for any smartphone. You may think that this contract would require a hefty financial commitment, but in actual fact the contract will set you back just £ 41 per month and lasts for 24 months. This is within the reach of most people, and is ideal for any type of user due to its generous allowances in terms of data, calls and text messages.

If you would rather spend a little less on your monthly tariff and are prepared to pay a small fee upfront for the handset, then several other networks offer suitable packages. For example, the Vodafone offer a deal where you are required to pay £ 119 for the phone itself, but monthly payments are reduced to just £ 26 per month, again lasting for 24 months. With this package you will get 100 minutes of free calls per month; however standard charges will apply after this allowance has been exceeded in a given month. In terms of text messages, you will get 500 per month which is around 15 per day so should suit most users' needs. Finally, the package includes 250 MB of data per month, so it is fine for occasionally checking news headlines, emails and Facebook updates, but if you plan on using the internet regularly when out of range of a Wi-Fi network you may want to look Elsewhere. If you are only an occasional user of your phone and are prepared to pay £ 119 upfront (this surely beats the £ 599.99 price tag of a SIM free iPhone 4S), this tariff will save you a substantial amount over the duration of the contract.

If you are in a position to pay £ 41 per month, I highly recommend the T-Mobile Unlimited package. Its generous allowances and free iPhone 4S handset make this an unbeatable package.