Pecans can be eaten by themselves, in many recipes, and are very healthy for your body. Pecans can be found in any grocery store or grow in your own back yard so they can make a quick snack or addition to many dishes.

Pecans are probably most commonly associated with being grown in Texas but are found all through the southern US Many southern states are known for growing exceptional pecans.

They are often used in desserts and enjoyed by many. Pecans are lots of times made into pies, covered with chocolate or caramel, and ate plain. There are also many main courses that pecans are used in. Pecans are used to top pancakes, mixed into oatmeal, and sprinkled on cereals.

The US produces most of the world's crop of pecans and is a very big consumer of them. Texas and other southern states are the largest producers of them.

Pecans will remain fresh for long periods if stored correctly in a sealed container in a refrigerator. Be sure to use freezer bags if you decide to freeze your pecans. Pecans will keep their freshness for around two years if frozen, and you can thaw and refreeze them without damaging them.

Pecans are very healthy and contain unsaturated fats that are necessary for your body to function properly. They have also been shown to lower your bad cholesterol and keep your arteries flexible and your immune system strong.

The vitamin E contained in pecans is an antioxidant and helps to prevent heart disease. By eating just a handful of pecans a day you can get ten percent of the fiber that is recommended. Many vegetarians add nuts such as pecans to their diet to get the protein necessary for the body.