One of the largest issues facing computers today is the way in which they are rather running slowly. This problem is a huge issue for millions of systems around the World, and is caused by a large number of potential problems that can develop on any Windows system. Although there are a few effective ways to speed up your PC again – there is one really powerful "trick" you can use to boost the speed of your system back to the levels it was at when it was new.

The way to speed up a PC is to fix the problems that cause it to run slowly. Many people make the mistake of just trying to tweak and optimize their system to improve its speed, but are unaware that unless you have a strong "foundation" for your system, you will not be able to improve the speed of your PC at all . There are a number of reasons why computers can run slow, but there's one main cause which is extremely easy to fix and could make your PC run like new – by cleaning out the registry .

The registry is a central database inside your computer which stores a large number of files and settings that Windows requires to run. Everything that Windows requires to run are kept inside the registry database, making it one of the most important & frequently used parts of your system. Settings such as desktop icons and even your stored website passwords are kept in this part of Windows, making it one of the most important features of the Windows system. Unfortunately, the registry is so important that it's used too much, causing your computer to save many parts of it in the wrong way, leading it to run slower and with a lot of errors.

The registry database is the most common reason why Windows will run slow – and now many people even know it exists. It's also why computers tend to get slower with age – because new PCs have no damaged registry settings to hold them back. This is a huge problem because it causes Windows to be unable to read the files it requires to run, making your system run slower and slower as it tries to decode the files it needs. To fix this part of your system, you can use a software program called a 'registry cleaner' to fix all the potentially damaged settings inside it.