When a business person is considering marketing their business online they can be sure that they are going in the right direction. Practically every business is, or is starting to harness the power of marketing itself online. The exposure a company can achieve by marketing online would once have been thought to be impossible, even by utilizing the old reliable s such as TV and Radio.The business people who are initiating the online marketing business are using advanced online marketing strategies and techniques which are producing phenomenal results for their clients.

An entire industry has developed to meet the demand from companies who wish to market their business online. This industry can be divided into two categories, the first category can be described as "The Average Brigade" they do everything that you'd expect them to do and since they achieve average results.

The next category can be described as "The Innovative and Dynamic Brigade" they do the things that make them stand out from the average brigade, they achieve results which can catapult a business into places way beyond where it was thought it was possible to go, the question then arises, how do they do this? The answer is they use super advanced online marketing strategies.

Now for a small company wishing to avail of the services of an innovative and dynamic online marketing company, the cost factor can be a prohibiting factor. If a business owner wished to learn some of the secrets from one of the ground breaking online marketing companies he / she could discover if they had an online training program. Here are 11 internet marketing techniques which have been used in the past and which have achieved remarkable results, no course would have complete if it did not contain the vast majority of them.

1. There is a cunning way to attract web traffic from your local TV news station website to your website. The majority of business owners are not aware that it is possible to get large portions of the TV news stations viewers to go from the TV stations website to theirs.

2. There are nine specific Search Engine Optimization (SEO) steps that most business owners do not know. Little known SEO methods will sky rocket your website to the top of Yahoo, MSN, and Google.

3. There are ways to get elusive "Double Listings" for your website in Google search engine rankings. Double listing in Google is where your website and a subpage of your website show up right next to each other as two listings in Google.

4. There is a unique secret for getting your website to show up 3-5 times on one single search query.

5. There is a way to get extra exposure on the "Google Local" Business Listings.

6. You can use Google to "Geotarget" your exact customer by city, state, or zip code

7. Do you know that the massive traffic enjoyed by Facebook can be snapped into. There is an advertising feature on Facebook and it is incredibly powerful.

8. They may not be as big as Facebook anymore, but they still have massive traffic-MySpace. Just like Facebook it has massive traffic!

9. Craigslist- this is gold! There are underground methods which when you learn to use them, they can turn Craigslist into a customer producing cash cow.

10. The power of eBay can be used to get massive traffic to any type of website! There is a "loophole" which when utilized is phenomenal for generating traffic.

11. It is possible to attract some of the massive traffic that YouTube enjoys, and get that traffic to visit your website.