I saw a friend of mine playing this game on her iphone and found it quite intriguing. I tried looking it up in the App Store and found the icon so ordinary I would have given it a miss. Its just one of those games that looks deceptively simple. But once you give it a go, you will find it much harder than you thought as there are some things you take for granted during such a flight simulation.

Most beginners would have lots of fun drawing the paths to get to the airfields without realizing that some planning is needed. What you will really need to do is draw the line that will get the plane to the airfield and then forget about it. If you have not noticed by now, you probably have many times when you focused on 1 plane too long.

This is especially true when a bunch of projects that are very close together are landing consecutively.

-Incoming planes

You have to be fast and focused. Once a plane's flight is drawn, you have to move on and search for the incoming plane symbols, especially to avoid collisions. Avoid drawing paths of current planes along the edges of the screen as you will have little time to react when a plane spawns and collides with your existing plane.

-Planes of different speed

Only the red planes have speed variations. My strategy is to usually let the faster planes land first. Being faster they are moreiable to collide so have a higher priority to get rid off.

The game also spawns the planes such that if you plot straight paths to the airfields, they will certainly collide. This forces you to plot longer paths for some of the planes to avoid collisions.

What you can do is to plot all the planes directly to the airfields, and handle the obvious collision paths accordingly so that they stream in a queue.

This is a good solution especially when there are a lot of planes onscreen. The sight of so many planes tend to be potentially nerve wracking.


The slow units of the game. Plot straight lines to the helipads and worry about the planes later. The planes are more flexible in paths so they can be plotted to weave around the helicopters.


In the same way, the planes with auto draw paths have to be avoided in the same way. Weave the user controlled planes to avoid the computer controlled ones.

-Aircraft carrier

The most difficult airfield. Mainly due to the much faster planes and number of planes spawning.

-Short lived game

Unfortunately, the game does not evolve and it is just more of the same wherever nothing matter how many planes you land. So without the developer creates some interesting new mechanics, this game will not last long.

-Instant Death

As usual, this game also suffers from instant death syndrome. Too many games terminate prematurely and have to restart all over again. Why not put some life or penalty system to give the game a smoother play system?

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