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Mini World of Warcraft Mining Guide – from Valkor's Gold Making Guide


So you want to do some mining in World of Warcraft, but do not know where to go to make a lot of gold? Valkor's Gold Making Guide provides a few tips on how to improve your mining skill and the best of World of Warcraft Mining locations. These locations are the places where you can maximize your time and get a good amount of gold in return.

Instead of starting out with World of Warcraft mining locations that provide only a little return, let's look at some places where you can really bring in the gold from mining. The ore we are going to mine is Thorium. This ore sole sells for a good price at the Auction House (8-10 gold per stack), but one of the added bonuses of mining Thorium is the chance to get an Arcane Crystal. These crystals can sell for 15-18 gold each at the Auction House. They have a pretty good drop rate so you should be able to collect some while mining Thorium.

The three best places to mine Thorium are the Burning Steppes, the Eastern Plaguelands, and Winterspring. I've had a good amount of success in the Eastern Plaguelands, but I'm sure it varies from server to server. Now, since these places might be a little crowded, you can head over to Un'Goro and mine Thorium from some veins in that area. It's not uncommon to make over 50 gold an hour just mining Thorium and Arcane Crystals in these areas.

I hope you've found this little World of Warcraft Mining Guide to be helpful. At the very least, you now know where to go to make some easy gold via mining. Make sure you have plenty of room for you mining loot. Nothing worse than only being able to mine only a few stacks of Thorium before heading back to the Auction House to unload. Time is money in World of Warcraft. Being able to bring more loot back to the auction house means more gold in your pocket.