Slow computers are one of the largest curses of 21st century living. We use these machines for everything, and if they start to run slow, we soon know about it. It's one of the most frustrating and annoying problems that you can face at work or at home … but luckily, getting your PC to speed up is not as difficult as you might think.

To make your PC capable to speed up, you just need to be able to fix the cause of its slow speed … and in 99% of cases, this is down to a part of Windows known as the registry. The registry is a database of settings & options that keep your computer running smoothly, by providing a place for it to store all your personalized settings and information. The registry database stores a huge variety of information, including your email addresses and even your login details … making it one of the most important parts of Windows, but it's also one of the biggest reasons why Windows runs slower and slower.

The problem that the registry has is that it's simple too important for its own good. Because it stores information about all aspects of your system, Windows is constantly opening hundreds of registry files each time you use your computer. This means that your computer needs to be able to rely on all these files and then save them in the correct way … but unfortunately, it gets confused and saves them in the wrong way, making them corrupt and damaged. This makes the files mixed up like a book with its pages in the wrong order, leading your PC to take longer to open them, making it slow down.

This is a huge issue which causes many computer systems to eventually grind to a halt, as more and more registry files are made corrupt every day. And because the registry database is constantly kept out of view, not many people actually know about it, making it an even bigger problem. Luckily, the trick to speed it up is very simple as you just need to use an automated tool to do it. You just need to use a software tool called a "registry cleaner" to scan through the registry and fix any of the corrupt files that are in there.

Registry cleaners are programs that scan every registry file and then delete any corrupt files that they find. So the trick to making your PC run a lot faster is to download one of these tools and then use it to clean out the registry, making your computer run smoother and more reliably. You just need to download the cleaner, install it and then hit the "Scan Now" button to let it scan your PC.