Emarketer and paidcontent.org released a study that states mobile ads do a lot better then ads placed on other media sites like Facebook, Google, television, etc. There has been a lot of bad news about advertising in the last while and this study has been a sigh of relieve for many internet marketers making money online. A new area to pioneer usually leads to good results.

Emarketer put the data together using surveyed mobile users from the networks Limbo and Gfk NOP. iPhone users seemed to take the bate more often then other mobile users. However there was no data to confirm that anything was actually purchased online.

This of course still leaves some online money makers in a bit of a debt, but the click through rates still may help you make a decision if mobile ads are the way to go. One thing found was that users who clicked on mobile ads stayed on the directed site longer then the average web user. Here are some of the statistics that may be of some great info:

41% of the users of the iPhone service where able to remember the advertisements they saw versus 33% of the none iphone users.

1/3 of the mobile users who could remember the ad took action on it some how. However iphone users jumped to 2/3 as they were more likely to use the internet on their phone.

Most mobile users respond to text ads versa traditional pictures from online browsing.

This large percentage in growth is 40% but is still a lot smaller compared to the size of the advertising market which is predicted to reach $ 2 billion this year stated by JP Morgan. iPhone users are the leading market currently in mobile advertising and a great source to generate some online profit.

This obvious dominance is a leading cause in an influx in online mobile marketing and many internet marketers are now beginning to take advantage of this new market and new source of web traffic.