If you have the new player from Microsoft, then sometimes you've heard of getting free Zune videos off of the Internet. Downloading free videos is an activity that's becoming more and more popular because many sites are now offering lifetime unlimited downloads to customers who pay a one-time fee.

This means downloads are available to them forever and you could also be one of those people if you just care to subscribe to one of those services. There are also a couple of other ways to get free downloads into your Zune. Let's explore all your options so that you can figure out what to do.

Convert Your Own

Got your own DVD collection? Then you just may already have your own library of Zune videos waiting to be synced to your device. It's a simple process that requires you to have a computer with a DVD drive and the necessary software that will allow you to convert the DVDs into a digital format that will be readable by your device.

Make sure that all the settings are correct, especially when it comes to the size of the Zune screen which is about 240×320 pixels. This is one way to get source video files for free into your Zune.

Practical Downloading

Zune Download Sites – Being able to convert your videos to some people may be quite a hassle because there are a lot of tedious tasks to take care of. But one does not have to do this when professionals have already done most of the work already. There are internet sites that offer an unlimited source of free Zune videos. This means that whatever you download off of these sites are already playable on the Zune and you do not have to go through the hassle of changing screen sizes, or choosing the right audio source, etc.

Membership – Everything's been done for you and all you have to do is subscribe to one of these sites for a lifetime membership that will cost maybe $ 60 in total for the access to videos included, and download to your hearts content. Now that is the best way to get free Zune videos.

YouTube Rip Clips

YouTube – Now, you might be one of those people who enjoy reality video clips like those found on YouTube, a very popular video sharing site. Did you know that you can rip those videos and then use them on your Zune? It's a little more tedious than just converting DVD's but it is worth it in the end if you a re big fan of searching for funny and entertaining video clips online. Then you can look and then download a program to convert these FLV files from YouTube into MPEG4, MOV, or WMV which can be played on your Zune. Simply sync to watch free Zune videos once you are done.