Google Chrome is a web browser which is used by millions of people around the World, and is famous for being extremely fast. The only problem with this browser is that it's continuously becoming corrupt and damaged – continuously preventing your system from being able to read the files / settings that the software requires to run. If you're facing Google Chrome crashing, the good news is that you can fix the errors you're seeing by using some very simple steps to repair the issues.

The way to repair the Google Chrome crashes on your PC is to first understand what could be causing these errors. The bottom line with Chrome is that because it's such an advanced piece of software, it's continuously being damaged & corrupted – leading your system to be able to properly load it up and therefore process it. The errors that your system may have include:

  • Your computer will have some errors with its "settings"
  • The Chrome application itself will not work correctly
  • Windows will run much slower and with a lot of problems

My personal experience of this problem is that Google Chrome will either crash when you want to use a specific piece of software (such as "Adobe Flash Player"), or when you want to be able to load up a particular web page. I found the best way to fix the issue is to use a program that's going to fix any of the errors that Windows may have.

How To Fix Google Chrome Crashes

I've found that the best way to repair any of the crashes that Google Chrome may be causing is to first re-install Chrome. This can be done by clicking onto "Start> Control Panel> Add / Remove Programs" and then selecting Google Chrome. This will get rid of the program, and then restart your PC to install it again. This will basically remove all the files / settings that the application may have inside – improving its reliability if any of the files were damaged. This will work for most PCs, but if it does not work for you – it's important that you use a program that's going to fix the various potential issues that may also be inside your PC.

The thing that really helped my PC was to use a "registry cleaner" to scan through my PC and fix any of the errors that were inside. This type of software is able to get rid of the various problems & issues that your computer may have inside – boosting its performance and reliability as a result. It's recommended that you use a registry cleaner (I used " Frontline Registry Cleaner 2.0 ") to fix any of the problems that could be inside your system, which should improve the speed & reliability of your system exponentially.