The regular internet user is heavily dependent on search engines. They want to read up on something, they use Google or Yahoo! to search articles on the topic. The user moves from the search results list, clicking websites for what they want, and usually from the top of the list going down. SEO techniques aim to increase the likelihood that your website is near the search results list.

If you’re not receiving the traffic you want then you should consider improving your marketing techniques by adapting it to the latest SEO trends. Promoting your website will generate large amounts of daily traffic. The primary objective of your website is bring awareness and potentially sell your product or service.

Building a website is essential but won’t be of use if it’s not properly optimized. Always make your business’s website as search engine optimized as possible. Include targeted keywords throughout important elements of the site. This will assist in your page ranking. It will also get your website indexed by the most popular search engines around.

If you’re not technically inclined or you are confident of your writing skills, article submission is another effective way to wrangle users to your website. It’s as easy as writing an article, include your website URL, and submit to article submission directories.

The topic is related to the website being promoted. And it has to be a focused niche topic. That way, the article is assured of its originality. The article submission directory then feeds the article to subscribers; the feed is picked up by other websites for the content. For instance, an article on roasted tomatoes would be picked up by a recipe site or a tomato site. If the reader is interested in what you wrote and is eager to read more, they can follow the link provided. The resulting traffic is already filtered and focused. The reader is informed and interested in your website contents.

Another free method to drive users to your website is viral marketing. We’ve all experienced receiving a forwarded file, a video, power point presentation or an mp3 file. And most probably it’s been traveling round and round being forwarded from one user to another. Now imagine the attached file has a link which points to your website. If the attachment is any good, this will be driving traffic to your website for a long, long time.

Viral marketing is dependent on the forwarding of interesting content, and as long as the file is interesting, your website will get advertised.