The concept of Social Media Optimization (SMO) is becoming popular these days! Actually, what it means ????

Along with SEO, SMO has to be applied to websites to make them highly visible in social network sites such as Flickr, Digg, Myspace and much more!

Benefits of SMO:

Apart from the Search Engines, you can also get additional traffic from various other channels through SMO strategies! Your website's popularityity gets increased! You can have a better understanding on what's the trend, what your customers actually needs from you, when you interact with your customers, their feedbacks, so on improving your services / products thereby improving the ROI (return on investment) through sites like Myspace . Through groups like Google, Yahoo you are availed an opportunity to respond to your user's queries!

The following tactics of SMO can be followed for getting higher visibility to your website!

In order to increase the linkability, you can make use of Blogs, Whitepapers etc.

Bookmarking – Use social bookmarking sites such as,, with relevant tags and notes!

Using PDFs, audio and video files, we need to make our content travel across different countries all over the world!

Making contribution such as providing codes to others may grow your site's visibility! For example, offers us an option to cut and paste their videos through coding!

Make use of websites such as Myspace, Friendster to know your customers thoughts on your services / products !!

Draft Articles, press releases and publish it article submission sites which can broadly distribute your content.

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