Sony is a well-established brand when it comes to mobiles. The recent launch of the Sony Xperia ZR is another Smartphone added to the Xperia series. Transition from Xperia Z to Xperia ZR would mean better technology and features. Now let us see what this phone has to offer.

USP is one major aspect that attracts all technology users. The largest selling point of Xperia Z is the technology that makes it phone water resistant. This technology renders the phone waterproof and even if the phone is suspended in water for 30 minutes then also you can use it. It is almost as if you can even take this phone in the shower without damaging it.

Let us now have a look at what Xperia ZR has to offer as opposed Xperia Z if one has to compare the features:

Water resistance

The Sony Xperia ZR is equipped with a waterproof screen that measures 1.5m. This phone has the compliance of IP55 and 58 making it highly waterproof. When compared to the Xperia Z you will be surprised that it is not graded as high when it comes to waterproofing technology. With the Xperia ZR, you will be able to shoot underwater videos and capture images. However, if you attempt the same with Xperia Z then you will end up with a completely non-functional Smartphone.

Form and size

Design and form of the two phones are slightly different. The form given to Xperia Z is that of glass sandwich type. The design of Xperia ZR is designed differently keeping the conventional approach. It is relatively smaller in size measuring at 131 x 67.4mm as against 139 x 71mm. Thickness measured is 10.4mm against the Xperia Z with 7.9mm. This means that the Sony Xperia ZR is thicker. However, the weight is slightly less with 140g against 146g.


The display for both the phones vary slightly. The Sony Xperia ZR display measures 4.55-inches as against the Xperia Z with 5-inches. However, both the screens are large in display but what matters most is the resolution. Xperia Z has a sharp resolution of 1920 x 1080, the ZR measures 1280 x 720. Xperia Z seems to be better between the two as it is equipped with Full HD capacity. The only drawback it seems to have is the contrast of black that is not as dark as it should be.

Capturing Pictures

The Sony Xperia ZR has a front mounted VGA camera that is 0.3-megapixels. The Sony Xperia Z has a 2-megapixel front facing camera. It is understandable that the phone with higher megapixel will give you better picture and video quality.

Internal memory

If you purchase the Sony Xperia ZR then you will get an internal storage of 8GB of internal memory. With the Sony Xperia Z, you already get a large memory of 168GB. Memory can be an issue for those who store music and media files on their mobile device. However, both the Smartphones offer you the scope of memory expansion with a MicroSD card slot.

Which one to purchase?

There is not much of difference between these two Flagship Smartphones by Sony. However, when it comes to resolution and the screen size it does matter a lot. Any technology user would give emphasis on better content display and sharper images. Other things like better internal storage memory option is what might appeal to users who store their media on Smartphones. If you are willing to compromise on storage, screen and camera quality then you can choose to purchase the Sony Xperia ZR. Another reason for purchasing this phone can be your curiosity to shoot underwater videos while snorkeling.