How Do Live Casino Games Actually Work?


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Over the last few years, online casinos have started adding ‘live casino’ games to their portfolios in an attempt to create more immersive, realistic casino experiences. Sure, interactive desktop-based table games and video slots were and still are extremely fun, but as the internet becomes more ingrained in our everyday lives, most industries are aiming to make user experiences more true-to-life.

Now, if you like to stay ahead of the curve like most of our readers then chances are you already know everything there is to know about live casinos and how they work. However, for those who have stuck to their favourite slots and table games, the idea of dealing with a live croupier can be daunting. So, we thought we’d try to give you guys the lowdown on how live casinos actually work so you can be a pro without that bumpy practising part.

Live Streaming That Las Vegas Feeling

Source: Pexels

Despite how hard the iGaming industry has tried to replicate the feeling of visiting a real casino over the years, there have always been significant differences. Most of these actually fall in the industry’s favour, for example, playing online is far more accessible and affordable than visiting a real-world casino. There’s also plenty of variety when it comes to casino games on the internet, whereas unless you live in Nevada your local casinos simply won’t be able to match up.

Still, no matter how well online casinos do they were always missing that key human quality. Sure, there were chat boxes and you could sometimes upload images, but there were clear barriers when it came to sharing your experience with fellow players. Fortunately, this was the case across the internet and so it didn’t take long for live streaming technology to hit the web. Soon social media platforms across the globe were offering live streaming, YouTube became one of the biggest companies in the world and even gaming consoles started adding live streaming capabilities to their devices.

As the iGaming industry has always been at the forefront of tech, they also began to look into how live streaming could improve the online casino experience and so live dealer casino games were born. All any online casino needed was a trained croupier, an attractive set, a camera and an internet connection, then players could come and join the fun as though they were at a physical table game.

Just Like Playing At a Real Casino

At first, choices were limited to games such as roulette and blackjack that don’t really require a lot of in-depth communication, but now it seems there isn’t a casino game out there that doesn’t have a live version. For example, you can now play with live dealers in online poker games at sites like William Hill, where there’s not only live three card poker but also live Caribbean stud poker and Ult Texas Hold ‘em.

Regardless of which table game you choose to play, it all begins with the dealer who’s being live streamed. That live stream is then sent to the players’ desktop, tablet or smartphone where it will be accompanied by an interactive interface, which enables you to place bets etc. You’ll place your bet, the croupier will deal the cards or spin the wheel and really the game from then resembles any other online table game, the only difference is there’s a real-life professional at the centre of it all and not a machine.

It’s honestly that simple, so there’s no reason to feel apprehensive about joining a live casino game. If you already know how the basics of your favourite casino game, then adding that live croupier is just a little flourish to improve your experience. Let us know if you prefer live casino games to regular online fare, and if so which games would you recommend?