Content Marketing: 7 Tips for Creating Unforgettable Video

For many entrepreneurs, one of the biggest steps in innovation is to start investing in a content marketing strategy for videos.

Videos should not be the last step of the strategy, as it does not demand more resources to be produced, for high quality video you no longer need expensive cameras! All you need is a good idea and affordable 4k camcorder or DSLR camera. Not to mention that you can get great results with GoPro or even your cell phone.

This way of thinking is changing the concept of entrepreneurs and putting the production of videos at the top of the marketing plan.

Why use content marketing for videos?

Companies are migrating to videos as an effective content tactic to engage customers, but producing such content requires specific care and strategies to be engaging.

Assigning a few tags and a brief description of the video, although part of the strategy for good indexing, is not enough to make it stand out quickly.

In fact, the success of it may take a while and require as much effort in dissemination as in production.

To solve this, we set out some of the key production strategies that will add value and make your video unforgettable for a lot of people.

Below is a list of strategies considered the best practices used by experts to build and develop a good video marketing plan.

1. Listen and learn with your audience

Before you begin to debate ideas for content, choose the right production and editing tools, or think about which equipment to use, you need to know what your audience wants to watch.

So take some time and strive to know and understand the kind of content your audience wants to consume.

This may add a huge amount of value to your video on YouTube or another video platform.

Start by talking to them through social networks, emails and other forms of communication to find out what they would like to know about your brand and what they are talking about you on the internet.

Ask for comments and feedback to keep up-to-date with their profile.

2. Align business goals with the audience

Once you identify the video content that you find interesting for your audience, the next step is to look at the goals of your business.

Does your video idea fit the purpose of your brand?

How can this be done through a video?

Once you understand the audience look at the goals of the brand and see how they align with the needs of the group.

To do this, compare the brand objective with what the audience is interested in to strategically align the content.

This is not so simple to do, but it will help you focus on the most valuable ideas for both the brand and the public.

3. Create videos with impact content

To make your video unforgettable and shareable you need to make an impact with it.

But how to do that?

Use content ideas that are intriguing, inspirational, and that generate strong emotional responses in the audience.

Before that, you must determine what thought, motivation, or behavior changes you want to inspire with your video, and the rest will be easier.

Responses with positive emotions are often more effective in encouraging audiences to interact and share videos on social networks.

Emotions like happiness, joy, and awe can add the great potential for your video to become viral on the internet.

4. Be brief and go straight to the subject

The first few seconds of a video are critical to the audience’s interest and attention.

Otherwise, he will abandon you and will hardly come back to watch again.

Based on this information, when editing your video, make sure you quickly enter what the content will handle before it stops watching.

Other studies indicate that the videos between five and ten minutes or more accessed than very long videos.

People want to consume valuable content, but have little time for it and disperse easily.

So be direct with the information that is going to pass.

5. Post content consistently

Channels that post content frequently, in addition to keeping current followers interested, are able to retain new ones every day.

The frequency should not be more than one per day, not to be considered dull, and not less than one per week, not to be overlooked.

You can now choose frequency based on the profile of your audience and your business.

6. Share and encourage the constant sharing of videos

The user who shares a video believes that content could be useful to friends as much as it was for him.

So when creating a video, keep in mind, the emotions you are creating because they will be the reasons why someone can be encouraged to share it.

For more effective results, keep in mind that sharing your video on social networks should follow a plan similar to posting your blog and website content.

This action should begin with you and be continued by the public over time.

7. Integrate your videos with your company blog and websites

The most effective video marketing programs are those that create a direct relationship between the YouTube channel and the website and/or blog.

That is, your website and blog need to be, even if discreetly, somehow present in your videos through the links in the description, annotations that appear in videos, cards, etc.

But the opposite must also happen.

Add your videos to blog pages and websites along with the content you consider most relevant to fit it.

Keep in mind that YouTube automatically adapts to various types of devices and this is particularly important for viewing your videos on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Video marketing is a great opportunity for you to add value to your brand.

Especially if the goal is to increase conversions, improve public confidence or simply show what your business does to help make the world a better place.

We hope these tips help show how using video marketing content is valuable, engaging, meaningful, and within your reach.

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