Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 build today for the fast ring users. Build 10041 should be available right now to preview users on the fast update track. there are many updates and improvements in this build including a redesigned start menu, improved virtual desktops and cortana which will now be available in China, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain. Also Microsoft promised a new build every month for users who stay in Fast Ring

Changes in this build


  • You can now drag windows to another desktop in the Task View
  • Task View has been updated with a new interface
  • You can now choose to display all active apps from all desktops in the taskbar, or only the apps that are on the current desktop
  • The start button now has a smaller Windows logo and a new hover design
  • When clicking on the network icon, a new window shows up to manage your connection without opening Settings
  • The window preview in the taskbar has been updated with a new design
  • Multiple icons have been updated
  • When the taskbar is small, the date will still be visible


  • The start menu now can be made transparent
  • You can now pin tiles by draging apps from the “All apps” list to the start screen
  • “Places” no longer have icons, and the “Places” title has been removed
  • The “All apps” icon has been changed
  • You can now put the PC to sleep with the power button in start
  • Folders now have an arrow to indicate that they contain a dropdown
  • Internet Explorer isn’t listed in the “All apps” list

Internet Explorer

  • Internet Explorer has been updated to version 11.0.10011
  • Improved support for ECMAScript 6
  • Improved support for CSS3 standards
  • Improved support for HTML5 standards
  • New flags have been added to about:flags


  • The lock screen now shows icons in the bottom right corner, instead of under the clock
  • The login screen has been redesigned
  • You can now print to PDF natively
  • You can now install apps from and move apps to an SD card
  • Context menus now have a touch-friendly design when using a touch screen (and a redesign in general)
  • Cortana is now available in China, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain
  • The Text Input canvas has been improved


  • The installation UI has been updated
  • The installation now shows a percentage that is a total of the full installation, rather then a percentage for each step
  • Cortana now gets introduced during installation
  • It’s now more clear how to make a new Microsoft Account, or how to use a local account


  • Photos
    • The Live Tile is now integrated with OneDrive
  • Reading List
    • Reading List now notifies you of its Windows Phone counterpart
  • Windows Store beta
    • Small changes to the UI in general
  • OneNote
    • OneNote Preview is now the default version and no longer requires an update to be installed to show up
  • Settings
    • There are new app management tools
    • Regular Win32 apps are now also displayed in with the WinRT apps in the Settings
    • UI items have been refreshed
    • You can now choose to receive updates through P2P
    • Windows Defender settings have been added
    • You can now choose the behavior of the Tablet mode switch
  • Windows Feedback
    • The Feedback app now has an improved interface
    • The category a feedback item belongs to is now displayed above that feedback item
  • Insider Hub
    • You can now track the feedback you’ve given
  • Scan
    • The Scan app has been revamped
  • Loading screens for Restarting, Shutting down, etc. have been redesigned