Ribbons are generally used to embellish crafts that are handmade, floral arrangements and sewing projects and they can also be used as decorations when carefully shaped or placed on the desired areas. They can either be cut edge or woven but within these two categories, there are so many variations in terms of textures, width and colors. Your needs can dictate what you choose and hence it helps to know the ribbon options that you have before hitting the market to buy.

Grosgrain – It stands for a coarse texture in French. They have a ribbed weave pattern running across the ribbon width. They are supple and durable.

Jacquard – These are ribbons that come with intricately woven designs and include damasks and brocades. They produce pictorial effects and they can also have embroideries on them. They have right and wrong sides that are pronounced.

Picot edge – The ribbons are selvages trimmed using tiny decorative loops. They are very stylish and beautiful.

Satin – They are smooth and have a glossy finish on one side or on both sides. The choice will depend on which presentation you find most suitable for your event or needs.

Sheer – They are made from organza or chiffon and they are semitransparent and soft. They can offer very unique results on any given area.

Taffeta – These ribbons are made from lightweight fabrics which can also be translucent. They have fraying ends and are best cut on the bias or at an angle instead of cutting straight across. They are smooth and crisp since they use materials such as silk or synthetic threads.

Velvet – The ribbon’s tight weaves and low cut pile surfaces on the velvety side. The underside is usually plain and they require care to ensure that the plush surface does not end up getting flattened. Overhanding can easily damage these ribbons.

Wire – Fine wires are placed on selvage edges of the ribbons to keep them well shaped. They are great for bow making but can be used for other features as well.

Acetate – The ribbons have a satin finish, but they are much stiffer. They are most suitable for floral arrangements, packaging and pew bows.

Curling – They are ribbons that are crimped or coated to make them pull against sharp edges to acquire a corkscrew aspect. You can use a pair of scissors to curl them up as you want for your presentations and decorations.

Moiré – This type of ribbon has a watermark or rippled kind of an appearance, making them very unique and attractive.

Iridescent and ombre – The finish of the ribbons is pearly to reveal changeable colors depending on the angle of view and the lighting within the areas they are used on. Ombre ribbons on the other hand are ribbons designed with coloring that changes from a hue to another hue giving an exciting look to them.

Poly – Poly ribbons are ribbons crafted from polypropylene. They are very shiny and they can be designed waterproof to make them suitable for outdoor use. They are very common maybe because they can be very cheap.