How to: Take a better selfie with mobiles

Who doesn’t love taking selfies..? but taking a decent selfie is hard since you’re the person in front of and “behind” the camera. Here are some good tips for taking good selfies.


First check yourself.

Always check yourself before taking a selfie. Have you ever snapped a photo assuming your hair and makeup were on point only to find out that you have flyaways and smeared eyeliner? Of course you can always delete the pic and take another, but if  you are looking good in that photo but the hair was not then that pic is useless.

Find the perfect lighting for the pic

The important element which can make or break a photograph is the lighting. You need to have good lighting for a perfect picture. You can’t show off your makeup in poor lighting and also don’t choose lighting that’s too bright which spoils the depth of the photograph. Natural light always trumps artificial. “bulbs can make your skin tone look off and give you under eye bags. If you are snapping indoors, stand near a window since the sun casts less shadow there.


Find the right pose

Turning your head slightly to one side makes your face seem thinner and hides any sign of a double chin. Another face-slimming tip: N.Y.C. makeup artist Kristofer Buckle says to raise the camera just above your line of sight and steady your gaze on the lens. But try not to stare (can you say, “Deer in headlights”?)


Find the perfect background

You want your clicks to capture the real you, but nobody needs to see your dirty laundry, old Starbucks cups, or unmade bed. “Look for a simple yet beautiful background that won’t distract from you being the focus of the image.  The best backgrounds are solid colored walls, textured curtains or any place without clutter.


Stay still while clicking

This is a bit challenging task to execute because you’re taking a selfie since you can’t rely on someone else with two steady hands to snap the photo. Take a deep breath, try to relax and hold your pose!

The More the Better

Don’t be afraid to take tons of photos. Click as many pics as possible because the more you take, the more pictures you have to choose from. Don’t expect to get your best shot the first time.

Be Confident and don’t be afraid

Dont be afraid or be shy when you’re taking a selfie with a weird pose, go all out! Nobody is watching you trying to take silly or sexy photos. Be confident and have fun, it’ll show in the photo and you’ll have tons of fun taking the pictures when you’re being yourself and letting loose.

Edit and fine tune

There’s nothing wrong with editing them. Use a filter for a cool vintage feel, crop out some of the photo that you don’t like or create a fun collage! it can add a special something to an otherwise plain photo!


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