Attorney Lists His Favorite Office Gadgets In 2018

Technology has been making our lives easier for decades, but these days it’s simply ridiculous how many handy gadgets there are out there. These twenty amazing inventions are probably something you didn’t even know existed, but once you own one of them you simply can’t imagine your workday without them. So without further ado, let’s get into all the gadgets you don’t even know you need in your life!

  1. Ross Gardam Polar Desk Lamp

This lamp bases its light fixture on the phases of the moon, allowing you to adjust levels of light and shadow according to your personal preference. Light level significantly affects productivity and personal well-being, making this a must-have for your office.

  1. Light Phone

Smartphones are a distraction – we all know this, which is why the Light Phone is the best thing you can take with you to your office. It can call and send texts – that’s it! All you really need in the workplace and cuts down on deadly procrastination.

  1. Yo-Yo Mini Standing Desk

Standing desks are all the rage nowadays, especially after various studies have proven how much extensive sitting is dangerous for our health. This desk is light, portable, and allows you to stand while working, eliminating back pain and keeping you healthy.

  1. Workflow App for Apple Watch

Good news, your fancy new Apple watch is finally going to prove itself useful. The Workflow app can help you organize your to-dos and have them at the tip of your fingers at any time, so you never forget an important event again.

  1. Fidget Cube

If you’re an individual with lots of nervous energy, a fidget cube is an absolute must. Keeps you from destroying pens and other valuable office supplies for the purpose of soothing your nerves.

  1. Brydge 12.9 iPad Pro keyboard

Using an iPad is much easier when you have an actual keyboard to control it, so if you use your tablet for work, consider getting one of these to make your workflow more efficient and easier.

  1. AirBar

Wouldn’t it be great if your laptop screen was touch-sensitive? Well, with AirBar, now it can be! This nifty little gadget uses magnets to turn your laptop into a touchscreen, which can have many different advantages when it comes to productivity.

  1. SOG Q3 Baton Multi-Tool

There’s nothing worse than having something break down in the office and not having the tools to fix it. Having a multi-tool like the SOG Q3 baton allows you to perform many simple fixes that might be necessary to keep your office functional.

  1. Cartridge Free Printer

If you work as an accountant for a legal company, for example, there is probably a ton of paperwork that needs printing. Using a cartridge-free printer can be a great help here and greatly save on ink expenses.

  1. USB Charging Station

Isn’t it horrible when you come into the office and your phone dies? Make sure that doesn’t happen with your very own multi-input USB charging station, so you can stay available for that super important phone call.

  1. Self-Heating Mug

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand tepid coffee. Get yourself a self-heating mug that will keep your beverage of choice at a respectable temperature all the time, so you can enjoy it all day long.

  1. Handheld Scanner

Quickly scanning an important document can be very handy in the workplace, which is why a handheld portable scanner is an absolute must. Never lose an important piece of paper again!

  1. Window-Mounted Solar Charger

If you have to sit at an office table during a nice sunny day, at least your phone can benefit from the sunshine. Get yourself a window-mounted solar charger and get your phone some extra juice, free of charge (pun absolutely intended).

  1. Lumo-Lift Posture Coach

Slouching at your desk is a recipe for back problems later in life, which is why the Lumo-Lift Posture Coach warns you when your back curvature is less than optimal. Definitely an investment worth considering if you care about your health.

  1. Multi-Laptop Windows

It’s a known fact that more screens equal more productivity, so nowadays a lot of companies are making easy-to-assemble multiple screens that you can hook up directly to your laptop.After all, the more desktop, the better!

  1. VoIP Phone

Having a phone call over the Internet saves big bucks, especially if you’re calling internationally, but some folks still like the feeling of a classic phone in their hand. Getting a dedicated VoIP phone gives you the best of both worlds.

  1. Skypanel Fluorescent Light Diffuser

Overly bright fluorescent lights are horrible for your eyes and overall productivity. That’s why the Skypanel Light Diffuser is a gift from the gods for the full-time office worker. Make your illumination more pleasant and spare your eyes some strain, they’ll thank you later.

  1. Dynamic Glass Window

Speaking of light, now you can finally put your out-of-balance circadian rhythm to light with a dynamic glass window, which changes tint based on the time of day and prevents artificial light from messing with your normal sleep cycle.

  1. A stand-er-cise desk

Don’t have the time to exercise? Why not do it during your workday? The stand-er-cise desk is essentially a stationary bike and office desk combined, so you can pedal away while you work and stay fit.

  1. OnetwoUSB LED Clock Fan

A fan and LED clock in one, this gadget is ideal for hot summer days when you have important deadlines to meet! And it’s powered via USB, which is super convenient all on its own.


There are a lot more handy gadgets that I’d like to cover, but I figured twenty is more than enough for now. It’s amazing what technology is capable of nowadays, and how much it makes our everyday lives easier, so I’d definitely recommend you check out some of these and improve your overall work experience!


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