It must have been an impressive sight, but with a heavily depressive atmosphere.

The Pool of Bethesda lies to the north of The Temple Area in Jerusalem.

There were five magnificent porticos. Having been carefully excavated around 1888, you can visit it today. I have had the privilege of visiting these excavated remains on various occasions when leading Tour and Pilgrimages to The Holy Land in modern Israel.

Outside the Old City of Jerusalem was this astonishing pool of water but it housed such pain and sadness and despair and misery.

This record of what happened at the Pool of Bethesda can be read in the Gospel of John in our New testaments.

Do take time to read of what took place because Almighty God invariably has a rich and enriching blessing for those who take time and even make time to read the Word of God.

We go back to the inspiring and inspirational detail.

Around this pool lay hundreds of lame, blind, sick, withering, paralysed people.

Bethesda means House of Mercy, but in reality, it was a place of misery.

Every now and again the water bubbled or ruffled. The first person to get into the water was healed.

Imagine the frustration and selfishness. Ripples appear on the water’s surface. The lame and paralysed can see but cannot move, whilst the mobile blind cannot see the waters being disturbed.

Into this scene walks Jesus Christ, and Jesus meets a man who has been lying there for 38 years.

He lay there before Jesus lay in Bethlehem’s manger.

Why is 38 mentioned?

Is this related to the 38 years Israel wandered aimlessly in circles in the desert, backslidden, as a result of their rebellion and sin?

Jesus looked at the serious and severe condition of this paralysed man, asking what might appear disturbing – “Do you want to get well?”

The man does not answer directly, but blames his circumstances, and other people.

I can’t help lying here. Life has treated me badly and harshly. How many times have we heard that?

Jesus virtually says – Get up. Pick up. Walk.

Jesus gives no helping hand here, but demands obedience and co-operation.

If you will, I will enable you. Stand and I will help you to stand.

Does our world today resemble an over-sized Bethesda, waiting for instant healing, change, and blessing?

At the time of writing there is so much hurt and sadness and pain and fear all around.

I am now more and more convinced that the only answer to this massive problem confronting mankind is Jesus Christ and His Love and Peace and Power.

Is this why many look for the coming again of Jesus Christ?