It has been observed that when searching for people the best places to find them are the social networks and other online chat and instant messaging services. Read about some of the ways that you can look for people through some of these places from the following article.

If you want to look for people on Facebook, MySpace & Yahoo then get some ideas on how you can locate them from the paragraphs below. The various social networks, chat and instant messaging services have proved to be quite popular with some people spending a larger percentage of their time using them. For each network and application there will always be ways of how you can search for people that you know and invite others as well.

Facebook and MySpace are basically social networking sites and Yahoo is an email service that offers chat and instant messaging. When searching for people through the first two places you can have two options. You can search from within the networks if you have your own account. With your own account you can search for people using their names or email addresses. One thing that you should know when you look for people on Facebook, MySpace & Yahoo is that people adapt user names that are not always their real names.

In some cases you might find that even when you search for someone using their name, you can locate them; it is usually because they are signed up under a different name. With Yahoo it is a little bit different. For the chat and instant messaging services you can invite people that are already in your address book or those that you know to be using Yahoo chat anyway.

This is just a brief summary of how to look for people on Facebook, MySpace & Yahoo, there are also some applications and people finders that you can use when looking for people through these places.