If you have ever been on a construction site or a mining industry, you would definitely see a couple of jaw crushers there. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Their ranges and sizes vary from a very large machine that is used for mining and is fixed underground, to a small machine that is easy to transport. Mobile jaw crushers are also available that are built on trucks. Hard and large rocks, and ores, are fed to them to obtain smaller pieces or granules. They have become so advanced (mechanically) and specialized for crushing applications that they have almost become indispensable.

They are widely used in various industries; like the construction industry, mining industry, chemical industry, hydraulic industry, metallurgy industry, quarry industry and railway and road building industry. They are considered as a vital part of any crushing site and cannot be ignored because they are used to crush rocks or ores into pieces. We would not want to imagine a world without them; not because it will affect their manufacturers, suppliers and builders, but will also affect us because the act of construction is directly related to us.

Jaw crushers are widely used for crushing the materials used in building roads and other construction sites. If you imagine the world without these machines then you would have to go back in time, when jaw crushers had not been invented; at that time the roadways were only soil-paths like those which are found in forests today. The houses at the time were also unlike the houses of today; they were not made-up of modern bricks as they are made up of small pieces of rocks that are obtained by these machines. With no jaw crushers it would not be possible to produce bricks, and once again we would be living in the houses made-up of bricks created using animal’s wastage.

We use a lot of things that are made up of metal. Metal ores cannot be used directly as they need to be refined; and once again, refinery machines require crushers. The raw form of metals found in nature is basically in the form of large sheets. It is very difficult to transport them to the refining sites and hence broken down into smaller pieces. Without jaw crushers, it is very difficult to break them. If you argue that things made up of metal, like swords, are being used for centuries (long before crushers were invented), then at that time the consumption was very low when compared to today’s standards; and if those likely products needed squashing today without machines then the price of metal-goods would go much higher and too expensive for the average people to afford.

Hence, we would never want to live without jaw crushers and would never want to imagine a ‘tomorrow’ in which they were not present.