Are you tired of all the free gift seekers that comprise the major portion of your list? One thing is clear…free gift seekers will never purchase your products. You will never be able to earn a decent income from them. At the same time, many purchasers do begin as free gift seekers. How do you build a list of buyers and avoid those interested only in free gifts? Read this article for 4 amazing list building secrets?

Internet users can be classified into two categories-purchasers who understand the value of products and people who are always hunting for free gifts. People belonging to both categories will end up joining your list. You are better off having a small list of purchasers than a large list of people waiting to receive free gifts from you. How do you ensure that your list comprises a larger number of buyers?

Here are 3 closely guarded secrets of great list builders to help you.

Secret 1: Attract Those Deeply Interested In Your Niche

Right from the beginning, you must focus on attracting people who are passionate about your niche. Their deep interest will drive them to purchase the valuable products that you are offering rather than wait for your free gifts.

Secret 2: Concentrate On Buyers

This doesn’t mean you have to neglect seekers of free gifts. Those who have signed up only for your free gifts might one day become your top purchasers.

However, focus more on buyers. Once you know who the buyers are, start promoting products related to your niche to them.

Secret 3: Build Your Authority

You will disappoint your list if you do nothing but promote your products to them. Here is what you have to do to keep your list always happy and satisfied.

o Provide valuable content

o Offer an occasional free gift

o Once in a while, promote your products

This gives an impression of you as an authority in your niche, and your list members will be more eager to purchase from you.

Secret 4: Get a Feedback

Besides sending auto responder messages, write personally to your list members. Ask them what they feel about your services. Find out about their requirements. This will help you make better sales.

Closing summary: Building a list of purchasers and keeping free gift seekers at bay is important for the success of your online business. You can build a list of buyers by focusing more on the buyers. Drive traffic of those interested in your niche to your websites. Establish yourself as an authority and get regular feedback from your list.