On 1st October, 2010 at 14:45 hours when I was writing down my thoughts the world population was recorded as 6,874,821,260 (six billion eight hundred seventy-four million eight hundred twenty-one thousand two hundred sixty) which brought a very deep thought inside my mind and reminded me once again of the dangers our “Mother Earth” is facing.

We all love our Mother and always thank God to give us such a wonderful gift in life as a loving Mother. We always try to take a very good care of our Mother and not do anything that can give any kind of pain to her. As a child alone we do so much for our mother but why cannot we have the same concern for our Mother Earth as well. The Mother Earth has about billions of children but no one to care for her. We have considered the Earth as our mother but are not concerned about her in the same way as we are for our mother.

There is so much been done in terms of urbanization, industrialization, development etc but in this race we have forgotten the one who has given us birth and is the origin of everything that the nature gives us. Not only this we have been continuously using the resources provided to us and not doing anything in return. Instead, we are polluting our surroundings which cause serious threats to the environment.

Our rivers, oceans, other water bodies and marine life are adversely affected because of the harm caused by human activities. Trees are being cut leading to unpredictable and less rainfall. The glaciers are also melting.

The need of the hour is to understand that every child of the Mother Earth will have to care for her. We generally think that by individually adapting greener methods of living how much will we do for the environment. But all human beings have at some point of time done something that was not environment friendly. Simple activities like leaving the water tap open, forget to switch off the lights affect the environment and if we carry these everyday work with responsibility we will be able to do a lot for our Mother Earth.

In the end, I would like to question that as we do not require anyone to persuade us to love and care for our mother in the same way is there really a need for various articles to influence people to be environment friendly? It is time all the 6,874,821,260 children of our Mother Earth stand together and protect her from the various dangers.