High prices of gold, you may have a solution sitting inside your own home!

That’s right, due to the fact that gold prices are very high right now, if you decide to sell your gold to an official purchaser, you can make more off of your gold than ever before. Now, most people do not have a gold bar sitting in the bank, or sitting on their desk at home. However, you may have broken gold jewelry, watches, or even gold coins sitting around your home that you have forgotten about.

Due to the fact that you are selling your items based on the fact that they contain gold, and not on their worth as a piece, although they were worthless before, they can actually hold a large amount of value to a gold buyer. This is why going to a pawnbroker will not garnish you any money for the items, but selling them to a gold merchant will.

Unsure of how to sell your gold? Well, it is actually quite easy to start making instant cash for gold if you are aware of one of the best ways to get top price for your precious metal, and as a bonus, you do not even have to leave your home to do so!

That’s right, if you felt slightly embarrassed about the idea of selling your gold to someone in public, you need not worry because there are many online gold purchasers who can offer you complete anonymity while they appraise your precious metal items. Simply head to a trustworthy merchant, usually shown by having the proper verifications online, and request a gold kit.

The gold kit is a postage paid shipping parcel that comes with prepaid insurance that you can place your gold items in for appraisal. You also will probably want to include a shipping list inside the parcel as well, which can simply be a print out of the form you filled in on the online site indicating which items you were considering selling.

After you place the gold kit in the mail, you simply have to wait 1-2 weeks for a response from the gold merchant, at which point they will cut you a check. That’s all there is to it! With barely any effort on your part, you have just made cash off of gold coins or broken gold jewelry that would have most likely continued to gather dust in your home!

Plus, if for someone reason you decide not to sell, you have the comfort of knowing that if you return the check, they will return your items in the same gold kit in the exact same condition, so you have absolutely nothing to lose!