Most people these days are focusing on multi functional printers. However, sometimes you cannot beat a standard black and white printer to suit your needs, such as the Phaser 3400 printer. With its own Phaser 3400 toner, it can really be beneficial in an office or private setting. You do not have to bow to the technological age. It is far more important that you use what best suits your needs. For you, that might just be this printer, rather than a multi functional one.

This printer in particular is extremely easy to use, which really makes it just as convenient as any multi functional printer on the market. It will do all of your printing extremely quickly. For example, that first page will be done in only twelve seconds. This printer hardly needs time to warm up at all! The resolution is both clear and high. That way, none of your work will be ruined because it is blurry and illegible.

It is so easy to use that it is no wonder so many people rely on it. Advanced users will appreciate it, but so will those who are not quite as skilled in using computers and their inherent pieces of equipment. It does not matter whether you are using it for your private needs, in an office at home, or in an office building. However, because this printer is able to handle a lot of work, it is great for office settings.

Black and white printers like this one can save a lot of money as well. Not only can prints go faster using black and white ink, but the equipment used is much less expensive. After all, black cartridges do not cost as much as colored toner.

Many people choose to have a black and white printer as their back up model. That can be helpful as well. Of course, it is also great to have if you want a printer to use just for black and white media. When you do that, you do not risk wasting any of the pigments in your colored cartridges.

The fact remains, however, that you need to exercise caution when choosing a printer which uses only black ink. Some of them are just not up to par. You need to make sure that the printer you choose is dependable. It needs to be versatile in what it will actually print as well. You do not want a printer that will only work with standard paper products. This printer is definitely versatile. It can print all kinds of different materials.

For instance, you can insert watermarks on your printed products here. You can also print on both sides of the paper or other materials with plenty of ease. There is no need to tell you how much money you can save here. This is especially true thanks to this printer’s toner saving settings.