Bargains are a must these days when the average Briton is beset with money troubles. The economy may not be doing so well but there are numerous things that a pound can do for you if you are creative and resourceful enough. After all, they say the simple things in life often give us the greatest pleasure.

Entertainment and Recreation

Fun shouldn’t have to be extravagant. You can go to your local movie rental store and trade in your old DVDs for a movie that they are selling or renting out. Some movie rental stores such as Blockbuster accepts trade-ins. This will actually cost you nothing but if you like, you can offer to add £1 to sort of “sweeten the deal.”

Break out a sweat and go jogging at a park or better yet, scour your local gyms if any of them are offering free try outs. Some gyms provide free workout sessions for an hour or two or offer to let you use their facilities for the day. They do this to entice potential customers to become members of the gym.

Go shopping on eBay and Amazon UK and you will surely find items that are priced at £1. You can buy a variety of clothes, books, accessories and so on.

Food and Drink

When it comes to food and beverages, generic brands are some of the cheapest that you can buy. Asda for instance offers many products that they have put on sale. You can get a box of cereal for a pound. A generic brand of beer can also cost you a pound or less, although you may have to search quite a bit before you find a store that sells one.

Better yet, why don’t you start adopting a healthy lifestyle and start drinking tea. You can buy 50 or more teabags at Asda for less than a pound.

Now is the time to be creative when it comes to family dinners. You can set aside some quality time with your husband and kids whilst preparing a filling meal. When shopping for meat, ask for bones as they will often cost you less than a pound. You can make a stew with the beef bones or a soup mixed with a few vegetables.

Getting Cheaper

The financial crisis hasn’t brought about only bad news as there are actually some products that have seen a reduction in prices. Whilst these products haven’t quite reached the £1 mark just yet, perhaps if we wait a bit, they will eventually start offering these at a pound.

Clothes, for instance appear to be getting cheaper as the years go by. At eBay alone you can purchase garments that go for £1, even less than that. But how about trousers and shirts? There are supermarket chains that offer jeans at £5 or less, the same goes for shirts.

Beer and other alcoholic drinks also constantly reflect price cuts. You can get a bottle of wine for less than £5 and some supermarkets offer economy brand beer for less than 25p per can. Drowning your sorrows has never been more affordable. GP