5 Free VPNs That Unblock Youtube

We live in an incredible world of technology and communication. It seems absurd that some popular sites like YouTube are not available in certain places. This is where a VPN comes in.

Our private and secure VPN connections open up the flow of information and access to pages that may be blocked or censored at your location. Are you going abroad for a short time? Do you live in a country where censorship cuts off access? A VPN can change your online experience.

YouTube, is the leading service for the upload and streaming of videos from across the internet. At any given point of time, there are millions of users on Youtube – be it to watch or to upload viewable content. Yet, Youtube still remains blocked by some places in the world. How can you get around that? Here are 5 Free VPNs That Unblock Youtube and enjoy the videos:


ExpressVPN as its name suggests offers great speed and efficiency while at the same time giving users access to content across the globe. This VPN can be used to unblock Netflix and for torrenting content.


Compatible with PC, Mac, phones and tablets, VYprVPN is a unique service that provides  you complete security online and keeps your pc away from hackers. Allowing immediate links to servers across the world, this secure VPN has a fast stream and download speed while ensuring that your actions cannot be traced back to you. A reliable service, it has a free 3-day trial versions after which the basic plan costs $4.98 for the first month.

Tunnel Bear

Been hearing about online hackers in the use and slightly afraid? Tunnelbear is the perfect solution to keep you safe. Based in the USA, this VPN gives you access to information and websites from other countries which your home country does not give – Facebook, Gmail, Netflix and more. Tunnelbear lets users download up to 500mb of data for free each month, getting an additional 1GB download limit if you tweet about TunnelBear’s services. Beyond that, they cost $4.99 per month if paid yearly.


This service is based in Malaysia and is excellent for a secure protection for your equipment while accessing content from across the world. It also helps to hide your online activities for complete confidentiality. It offers a free USA VPN where you can transfer up to 2GB of data through the secure tunnel. For a larger data size, Hide.Me offers a premium package for $11.67 a month.


With the threat of online threats growing, Winscribe VPN services to protect user privacy, keeping them from being tagged or followed by advertisers and marketers who would like to keep tabs on you. They also keep your computer secure while giving you access to global content. This VPN has a free plan which is usable on one device only, with access to content from 8 different countries. Download capacity is also limited. For a limitless download of content from 30+ countries, they have a plan at $9 a month.

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