There’s masturbation, poop, and lots of crazy people.

“In beauty school, a classmate was cutting a guy's hair when she noticed him moving around under the cape and moaning with his eyes closed. I ran to get an instructor, who quickly ripped the guy's cape off. It turns out he'd been sitting there with his dick in his hand!” —Vanessa Love, Facebook

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“A gorgeous young woman came in one late afternoon to get her roots touched up. She was a dancer at a local strip club and had recently gotten cheap breast implants out of state. The implants were now infected, swollen, painful, and oozing puss, plus she had a fever. I begged her to let me call an ambulance, but she was determined to get those roots done and catch her flight back to the doctor that night. I still wonder if she's okay.” —l4697fe8cd

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