We have been trained in this country to believe that how much money one has is equal to how successful they have become. We equate the big house, the large income as to one being successful. Look how successful they are they have such a nice house. He (she) is successful they have a job where they earn a six figure income.

Money, money, money, that is what people think they need and desire. As it says in the bible the Love of money is the root of all evil.

I know we need money to survive in this world, and there is no problem with having money or being rich. The question is tough, is having all of that money or money in general mean success in life? Are the money that we have and the goods we posses in life what makes us successful?

I do not think so, and I will tell you why in this blog. First here is one of my favorite songs, though it can be a bit depressing as I get older in life. But it speaks to our possessions, and one of the verses in the song says all the money that you have will not another moment buy. There is much more to success than money.

Kansas Dust in the Wind

Here is some interesting information that I found in Inc Magazine

If you believe success is simply making (or having) a lot of money, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

I’m often amazed at how many people define success as making (or having) a lot of money. It’s very strange, because many of the people who think this way are harried, stressed and, frankly, pretty miserable.

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The way I see it, everybody’s definition of success can be mapped on a simple grid, with one axis being the amount of money that you have and the other being the amount of happiness in your life, like so:

Here is some more information:

In one of my most popular articles, 30 Fundamentals of a Wonderful Life, I stressed the importance of forming your own definition of success. If you don’t, there is a good chance you will waste a lot of time and energy chasing someone else’s version of the word. To help you, I have found 10 quotes that each, in my opinion, give a key insight into what success really means… The Change Blog What is Success

One more

Now here’s a personal question, what is success? You see, personal success comes in many different forms and your concept of being successful might not be the same as mine. If you want to be successful in your life, then the very first thing you should do is to take the time to decide exactly what that means to you. Never mind what it means to anyone else, what does it mean to you?… Advance Life Skills Blog

Now as was asked, what is success to you?

What is my view of success?

If you have read some of my previous blogs you know some of my story. I was successful, had the big house, good job, great wife and kids, so I was successful. One thing lead to another and I lost it all. But what was it that made me a success?

I had thought that if we had that big house with all the trimmings of wealth ans success that we would be happy and successful.

I was wrong

Those items in life are just an illusion in life.

My true success was with my family, my wife and kids and out time together. The mistake that I made was with buying the house and the trappings and then working and working so I could have the money to pay for it. The stress that it gave me then took away from those things that were truly meaningful and were the true success that I had and wanted.

In the end, those things that I thought were my symbols of success actually stole from me those things that were my real success in life.

I knew better in my heart of hearts that what I was doing would lead to disaster, but I followed anyway.

Now I’m on the road back to success, a better success, a self staining one. One based on the truth of what success actually is, not the illusion of success that so many have, and that I once had.


So what is success? It is not how much money you have, how much wealth you have in the bank. It is not your house, and all the mundane goods of the world. It is not the fancy or anything that the media tries to portray as success.

Success is a good home, not house, a good partner in life, great kids who you spend time with and that want to spend time with you.. It is being good to others and to yourself, helping where you can. Enjoying yourself, in whatever situation that you find yourself in. Success is in what good things people say about you when you are gone. Not stressing over the little things in life. Success is being who and what you are, and not trying to conform into an image that someone else has for you or thinks you should be. Remember that in the end we are all just dust in the wind.

Life is too short, passes by to fast, do not ever forget that.

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